Tube Manipulation

A vast portfolio of bending tools for a wide range of requirements.

Complex and Precise

With the capability to mandrel bend up to 100mm diameter and CNC roll up to 75mm diameter, TBI are capable of simple single bend forms through to complex multi-bend shapes on differing radii.

Typical customers include the yellow construction industry, automotive, agricultural and furniture applications.

Complex pieces can be programmed using the integrated computer system making it ideal for the manufacture of seating and other furniture as well as guarding, automotive and yellow construction industry goods.

CNC Controlled Bending

The head is CNC programmable so that any bend angle can be produced up to a practical maximum of 180 degrees.

The combination of the CNC controlled bending head, CNC feeding mechanism and multi-tooled headstock allows bending with variable radii and variable axis along the length of the tube.

The portfolio of bending tooling is vast – and specific requirements can be met competitively and quickly if the correct tooling isn’t available.

Why choose TBI?

At TBI we have 25 years’ experience in manufacturing and fabrication. We can provide a one stop shop for all your requirements from laser cutting and machining through to tube manipulation, welding and powder coating.

We combine the latest machinery with a highly skilled and experienced workforce to ensure you receive the very best quality and service.

For more information on how we can help your company, call us on 01638 583 583 or email: